Pakeha Kowhaiwhai

The images are symbols from my father’s stories of my whaling ancestors. They are a whale chase boat, harpoon head, whale vertebra, oars, marlin spike and Kahawai.

The title Pakeha Kowhaiwhai alludes to similarities between the prints and Maori Kowhaiwhai patterns. That is these symbols; are stylised, they include pattern derived from natural forms, and they directly relate to my ancestral stories. The use of Maori language in the title is to acknowledge the influence of Maori culture on my family.

This limited edition (50/block) series of six prints are hand printed from lino blocks. They are printed on archival quality paper and are carded and framed to the same standard. The images measure 13.5cm x 20cm and the frames are39cm x 48cm.

PRICE: NZ $300 per print, a reduction of price is negotiable for whole set purchases.