Graeme Irving - Artist

My identity as a Pakeha New Zealander has been influenced by the memory of my father’s stories, stories which place my family within the history of New Zealand since European settlement. These stories have, for me, a mythical quality. They explain my origins in this country and trace my family’s existence here from early Pakeha arrival through to today. The stories place my family within the country before the treaty of Waitangi and demonstrate kinship relations with Maori. Hence the stories become foundation myths for my chosen self-title as Pakeha.

I have been a teacher for thirty five years teaching Visual Art to all school ages. My art education has been largely “in situ”, however over the years I have collected an Advanced Dip Teaching, B Ed, and MFA, largely completed as I have taught and brought up my family. My wife Maria and I have two beautiful children and one grandson. I enjoy getting away from my people centred teaching career with fishing on the Hauraki Gulf or travelling south to hunt trout in the many quiet streams and rivers in the rest of New Zealand.

I am interested in exploring a wide range of media in my practice. Carving in wood and print making were my first loves but now I enjoy the freedom of expression in paint and drawing. All my work is in some way an expression of identity, from my work based on family history to expressions of my passions and interest about current times. In fact I believe all my art work is somehow an expression of my identity.

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